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Corporate Social Responsibility

1- Environmental responsibility  : Proceeding from our sense of responsibility in Swefland towards the environment therefore, we are very careful about the following points & working continuously to developing our procedures to matching our vision regards to this subject Reducing:

  • The use of non-environmentally friendly materials and reducing the use of fuel, plastic materials, pollutants and emissions harmful to the environment
  • Increasing reliance on renewable energy, sustainable resources, and recycled or partially recycled materials.
  • Offsetting negative environmental impact; for example, by planting trees, funding research, and donating to related causes we focus on offer a huge green lands as we can in our projects

2- Ethical responsibility is concerned with ensuring an organization is operating in a fair and ethical manner. Organizations that embrace ethical responsibility aim to achieve fair treatment of all stakeholders, including leadership, investors, employees, suppliers, and customers.

We also respect and apply all the rules related to human rights and the rights of women and children and are always keen to improve the living conditions of our employees and their families.

Charity responsibility refers to a business’s aim to actively make the world and society a better place & it’s a major target for our board of directors & shareholders which reflecting on all our social works.

3- Economic responsibility is the practice of Swefland for its role in variant societies where we work to developing the countries & our industry which reflecting directly on the whole market. The main goal is not to simply maximize profits, but positively effect on the environment, people, and society.

Some of our organization participation on social events :

1– Participation with Gardabani Club to: improve and develop sports based on our sense of responsibility towards
children, youth and sports in general, including a good impact on society and

2– Participation with the Egyptian community in Georgia on some charity works at Adha Eid 2021.

The 30th anniversary of the Gvirila Academy Sponsored by Swef Land Group

Sponsored by Swef Land Group, on May 1, at the Biltmore Hotel, the Georgian Women Association held an event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Gvirila Academy.

The event was attended by refugee children from Abkhazia and Ukraine. They received gifts from the Natali Kvantaliani Fund and the Ministry of Refugees.

The association awarded the Friendship Award to all supporters of the project, including media outlets and the Swef Land Group

Easter presents from Swef Land Group

Swef Land Group congratulated the residents of Tsinarekhi and Kavtiskhevi villages on the upcoming Easter holiday.

As part of the activity, in which Kaspi Mayor Mr Vakhtang Maisuradze, the representatives of Tsinarekhi and Bakurtsikhe, also took part, Easter gifts were distributed to 25 large families.

Our company will continue similar activities in all the locations where it completes its projects. 

Happy International Women's Day

As announced by the United Nations, in 2022, the theme for International Women’s Day is “Gender Equality Today, for Sustainable Tomorrow”, highlighting the role of women in such areas as: – Adaptation, mitigation and suspension of climate change – Caring for the environment – Creating nature-related infrastructure 🍀 Today, without the active involvement of women, a sustainable and future is unimaginable. 

Our Team Is Our Power

Happy Valentines Day

We made a lovely surprise for the team We are Proud and Appreciate  your work, support, understanding and trust.

Swef Land Group has donated To Regi Base Charity Fund.

As part of its social responsibility, Swef Land Group has donated GEL 5,000 to the Regi Base Charity Fund.

The main task of Regi Base is to assist wounded and injured military personnel, policemen, medicals, firefighters, veterans, as well as their family members, in medical and psychological rehabilitation. Mr Levan Bigvava, the Foundation’s Executive Director, received the check.

As part of Invest Hub 2022, Swafland joined with the REGI BASE Georgia Charitable Foundation, signing a Memorandum of Cooperation to support investment in an innovative medical center. 


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