Project Description

Hollywood resort is located in Kaspi Municipality in Shida Kartli region, on both sides of the river Mtkvari. Kaspi is bordered by Mtskheta municipality to the east, Gori to the west, Tetritskaro and Tsalka to the south, Dusheti and Akhalgori to the north-east. The municipality is located on the plain of Shida Kartli. In the north it is surrounded by the southern branches of the Caucasus Range, in the south by the Trialeti Range. Kaspi Municipality is distinguished by the abundance of cultural monuments and the beauty of nature. The forests, valleys, magnificent views and flowering meadows allow us to plan exciting routes with full of adventure.

Tskhaveri Waterfall, Noste Waterfall, Village of Gostibe, Tavkavtasa and many other wonderful places are visited by many travelers and those who want to relax in nature. Along with the beautiful nature of Kaspi, there are many important historical-cultural monuments. The Samtavisi Temple, decorated with unique ornaments, and with its harmonious proportions should be noted, also an important monument of Georgian architecture – Kvatakhevi Monastery, a variety of Rkoni monastery complex, Rkoni Fortress, Skhvilo Fortress and other. There is also located one of the most interesting and important archeological monuments- Grakliani Hill, where you can travel in pre-Christian culture of Georgia.


Oscar Villa

Oscar Villa Interior

A comfortable living room designed for families and large gatherings. Here you can dine, chat, watch movies or just relax. Near the living room are all the necessary amenities that a person may need.
The kitchen is semi-isolated from the living room, which means it's easy to get in, communicate and see what's going on in the living room. But in the living room you will not be disturbed by the aromas of food (we will give recommendations for kitchen hoods).
We believe that the bathroom should be large, but at the same time concise, functional, but not intrusive.

Oscar Villa VR

Dive into Hollywood’s Oscar Villa, and experience Virtual Reality. Here you can actually explore the Oscar Villa, move things around and customise the colours of the interior.

Feel yourself in the Hollywood Project.

Plateau Villa

Plateau Villa Interior

Spacious living rooms are no longer in fashion, but being in the main room, a person should feel that he is in a full-fledged room where there is everything - a place to work, relax, chat, have fun or do whatever you love.
The kitchen is the most popular place in the house. As soon as someone gets hungry, he automatically goes to the kitchen. The location of the kitchen is thought up so that it is always clean and comfortable.
As soon as you get into the bathroom - you want to be alone and calm. The location and our interior design are built on a self-confident note. Subdued lighting, strong furnishings and other details will create a luxurious and modest mood at the same time.

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