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Sagarejo resort is a unique project as it is designed to imitate the famous ship of Titanic. The project is located in Kakheti and it is a region located in eastern Georgia, which includes the territories of the historical-geographical provinces of Kakheti, Hereti (partly), and Tusheti. This region is rich in monuments of different periods and diverse nature. In Kakheti, you will find ancient settlements, distinctive temples, castle towers, beautiful forests, waterfalls, alpine lakes, vast plains, and even a radiant desert. Ancient history, interesting culture, impressive nature, and resorts make Kakheti very attractive for those who want a pleasant vacation and for travel lovers. Furthermore, it is only 40 minutes from the capital, Tbilisi, and close to the International Road.

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A distinctive strategic location close to all services, as it is located near the Ambassador Resort.

The project is located next to many attractions in the middle of charming nature and scenic views.
It is only 40 minutes away from the capital, Tbilisi, and close to the International Road.

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